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Premium Package Yapool Stone PS40 / PS25 Styrofoam Oval Pool 5,0 x 10,0 x 1,5 m

Complete Set consisting of: pool, fleece, sand filter unit, filter quartz sand, skimmer, inlet nozzles, piping, floor cleaning set and stainless steel ladder
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Article describtion

Practical connection system. You can build your own pool within a short period of time. With our Yapool Stone Styrofoam system pool made of EPS stones you can build your own high quality pool quick and easy like a professional.

  • Short construction period, easy transport
  • Double thermal insulation, high stability
  • Stable and fitting toothing
  • Easy installation of the installation pieces (no prising open necessary)
  • Filling with the help of a concrete pump

Yapool Stone frame stones PS40 / PS25, Our high-quality styrofoam stones , dimensions 100 x 25 x 30 cm consist of extra strong , quality PS40 / PS25, coating or time-consuming insulation is not necessary. These pool framing stones can be cut easily, the delivered wedges help to spread the PS25 round arched stones. Fittings like skimmer, inlet nozzles, lights and counter flow unit can be put in easily.

The installation of the body of the pool is made on the ready and flat concrete floor plate. The frame stones are placed one above the other as a wall and equipped with steel reinforcements (not in scope of delivery!). If the pool is ready you can fill in concrete with a concrete pump (support recommended).

The fleece lining helps to protect the inner liner. The delivered protective fleece needs to be cut accordingly and attached to walls and floor with spray glue.For a perfect inner wall surface we recommend applying a filling texture between fleece and stones.

The inner liner, 0,8 mm, colour: adriablue is high-frequency welded, tear-and cold-resistant. The inner liner is hooked into the delivered profile on the top of the pool. The profile is attached with the help of spreading rivets. 8 years guarantee for the impermeability of the welds (when using as intended)

Technical Details:

Body of the pool:  
Length (m) 10,0
Width (m) 5,0
Depth (m) 1,5
Pool surface (m²) ca. 44,6
Volume of the pool (netto in m³) ca. 62,4
Excavation (oval)  
Length (m) 10,8
Width (m) 5,8
Depth incl. floor plate (m) 1,7

Sand filter unit SF 500 Two parted filter container made of really robust and high quality plastic with winter draining. 6 way Top-Mount-switch valve, incl. draining and manometer. High quality, powerful, self-priming filter pump, brand Speck (Made in Germany!) complete with cable and plug. Pre-filter with transparent lid to check the level of pollution. Connection cable filter/pump made of PVC pipe, already stuck together with PVC screw fitting for an easy release. The delivery of the filter unit is made complete with filter plate.

Technical Details:

Filter tank:  
Diameter of tank (mm): 500
Sand filling capacity (kg) 75
for pools up to (m³) 75
Multi way valve:  
Version: 6 way Side Mount
Connection: 1 1/2 inch inner thread
Filter pump:  
Brand: Bettar 12
Voltage (V) 230
Power input (kW) 0,69
Power output (kW) 0,45
Power with 8 m watercolumn (m³/h) 11
Power with 4 m watercolumn (m³/h) 14

Fittings package Basic kit especially for concrete-, stone-and steel wall pools

consisting of :

1 Astral fitted skimmer EBS 3500, especially for concrete, stone and steel wall pools. To fit into the pool wall, made of white plastic with round lid and suction plate, complete with foil flange, sealing kit, stainless steel screws and skimmer

Technical Details

  • Intake opening: width: 210 mm
  • Installation depth: 490 mm complete
  • Connection: 1 1/2' IG and 2' IG

2 Astral inlet nozzles Multiflow for pools with liner , complete with locknut, stainless steel screws, sealing kit and lid

Technical Details

  • Connection inside: 50 mm adhesive connection
  • Connection outside: R2''

2 wall ducts ABS 300 mm for concrete pools with liner

Technical Details

  • Length: 300 mm, shortenable to 250 mm or 175 mm
  • Connection inside the pool: 2 inch inner thread
  • Connection outside the pool: 2 inch outer thread and 50 mm adhesive connection
  • with twist-protection

Fitted ladder Comfort 400 This high quality, nicely shaped fitted ladder has polished bars and steps made of stainless steel. They are non-corrosive and hygienic.

Technical Details

  • Material: stainless steel V2A
  • Ammount of steps: 4
  • Diameter of bars: 43 mm

PVC piping package Flex 50-250 consisting of:

  • 1 Flex-Pipe adhesive hose Ø 50 x 4,0 mm VPE = 25,0 m
  • 4 PVC corners 90° adhesive connection Ø 50 mm
  • 2 PVC corners 45° adhesive connection Ø 50 mm
  • 4 PVC transition adhesive socket 50 x outer thread 1 1/2''
  • 2 PVC ball valves 2-way adhesive connection 50 mm
  • 1 Griffon special glue WDF-5 with brush- 250ml bottle
  • 1 Teflon tape thread sealing tape, DVGW roll 12m

PVC connection extension 50 for skimmer/ inlet nozzle consisting of:

  • 1 PVC corner 90° adhesive connection Ø 50 mm
  • 1 PVC corner 90° adhesive connection Ø 50 mm
  • PVC transition adhesive socket 50 x outer thread 1 1/2''

Floor cleaning kit Floor cleaner BS-150 consisting of:

  • 15 m flexible PVC pool hose, nominal width: 38mm, colour: blue
  • 1 Floor cleaning brush with connection for pool hose NW 32/38mm and holder for a telescopic rod
  • 1 telescopic rod made of aluminium, suitable for all usual floor cleaner, nets and cleaning pads

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Category: Styrofoam Oval Pool Set
Manufacturers: Yapool.de
pool shape: Ovalbecken
pool width: 4,1 - 5,0 m
pool depth: 1,5 m
hanging bar: Kunststoff
foilcolor: blau
material density: PS25 (25 kg/m³)
foil thickness: 0,8 mm
pool length: 9,1 - 10,0 m
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