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Category: salt electrolysis systems

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A salt electrolysis system for skin-friendly and time-saving disinfection of your pool.

The use of a salt electrolysis system offers a simple way of disinfecting your pool independently and preventing the formation of algae; the automatic system works without using pool chemicals. The pool water maintenance by means of salt water electrolysis uses the process of electrolytic chlorine generation, called electrolysis, in order to avoid the manual dosing of pool chemicals and the annoying chlorine smell.

The functionality of such a salt electrolysis system briefly explained:

The pool water of your pool is mixed with a slight salt content of 3 grams per liter. Through electrolysis, the salt is dissolved in the electrolysis cell in chlorine gas, which dissolves immediately in the water. All microorganisms within the cell are destroyed by the active chlorine gas. The chlorine gas dissolves when exposed to UV sunlight, is constantly renewed in the cell and thus ensures a sufficient ratio of free chlorine in the pool water.

The disinfection of your pool water by means of salt electrolysis is therefore the most convenient, most effective and safest way of water maintenance. These systems are characterized by a high level of comfort and dispensing with additional chlorine. Another advantage of salt electrolysis is that there is no need to store pool chemicals; only the inexpensive salt has to be stored.

Salt electrolysis systems can be used in both large and small pools and can be easily integrated into the water cycle of your pool even without specialist knowledge.

The advantages of salt electrolysis at a glance:

  • pleasantly soft and skin-friendly water
  • Hardly any maintenance, as the cell cleans itself
  • there is no unpleasant chlorine smell
  • no storage of pool chemicals necessary
  • fully automatic, environmentally friendly and inexpensive with high convenience at the same time


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