SUGAR VALLEY Hydrolysis- / Salt Electrolysis Unit Oxilife - 60 m³

SUGAR VALLEY Hydrolysis- / Salt Electrolysis Unit Oxilife - 60 m³

Hydrolysis/salt electrolysis unit for water treatment.


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The SUGAR VALLEY Oxilife pH hydrolysis system is a device for water treatment for swimming pools up to a size of 60 m³.

With hydrolysis water disinfection, water is used to disinfect your pool water, while the chlorine content in the water is minimized. The Oxilife hydrolysis system generates disinfectants such as OH, ozone, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide through the action of electricity on water. After cleaning, these quickly break down into water again.

The disinfection principle is based on the splitting of H and O atoms in the water molecule (H2O), which creates active ingredients with a highly effective disinfection performance (stronger than chlorine). In addition, a very small amount of salt (only 1 to 1.5 g of salt required per liter of water) is used to ensure a residual chlorine content in the pool via secondary salt water electrolysis.

Advantages of hydrolysis:

  • Commissioning is possible from a salt content of 1.5kg salt per m³ water
  • Reduced chlorine production compared to salt water electrolysis, perfect pool water with less chlorine at the same time

The salt electrolysis system Oxilfe works with both low salt contents below the recommended 1.5g / l and high concentrations. The system can also be used in swimming pools with seawater. The salt content of the pool is displayed on the device.

The built-in pH control also turns this device into a fully automatic measuring and control unit.

Further advantages and functions:

  • Entire pool control: Control of all components of your swimming pool possible, e.g. Circulation pumps, lighting (including color control), heat generators (only in connection with the temperature module), countercurrent systems
  • Fully automatic: pH / REDOX measurement and control possible
  • Mobile screen: central control element
  • High IP protection class: suitable for outdoor installation thanks to IP 54
  • equipped with a self-cleaning cell

The SUGAR VALLEY Oxilife pH  system can also be installed retrospectively in existing swimming pools, making sure that only built-in parts made of PVC and heat exchangers made of titanium are used in the pool.

IMPORTANT! All information on pool sizes refer to pool water temperatures of up to 28 ° C! At higher temperatures than 28 ° C, you have to reduce the indicated pool size by approx. 25%.

Notes on expandability:

Remote control of the salt electrolysis system via smartphone, tablet or computer is possible using a WIFI module.
The water temperature can be displayed using the temperature module.
The mobile screen can optionally be installed on site at another location in your property using a 10 m long cable and the associated wall bracket.
You can also find all the extensions mentioned in our online shop.

The board included in the scope of delivery must be installed in the main unit. The work and the electrical connection may only be carried out by an electrician !


Category: Systems without ph & Redox
pool volume: bis 60 m³
pH control: nein
redox-value control: nein
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