Dolphin E20 Pool Robot with Active Brush and Filter Basket

Dolphin E20 Pool Robot with Active Brush and Filter Basket

Fully automatic pool cleaner with active brush for floor and water level cleaning for pool length up to 10 m. With PVC finned brushes incl. filter basket and transformer.

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Dolphin E20 pool cleaning robot pool vacuum cleaning of floor and water line, with active brush and filter basket

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Compact and powerful - the Dolphin E20!
The further development of Maytronics! The Dolphin E20 is a fully automatic, very easy to use pool vacuum cleaner, which has excellent cleaning performance..

The advantages at a glance:

  • suitable for pool shapes: round, oval, figure eight, rectangular
  • Vacuums and filters the pool in just 2 hours.
  • State-of-the-art, advanced touch program optimizes the cleaning of the entire pool.
  • strong brush performance..
  • A separate inner filter basket collects coarse dirt and fine dust particles.
  • Easy cleaning of the filter..
  • Autonomous unit - no pre-installation required, no connections to pool systems
  • Small, light and easy to use.
  • Also suitable for salt water pools up to 5,000 ppm..

The Dolphin E20 pool cleaner is simply placed in the pool, connected to the power supply unit and switched on with just one push of a button - and the Dolphin E20 begins to thoroughly clean the pool floor and the pool walls.

This pool cleaning robot is fully equipped with a drive and a pump motor. In addition, the Dolphin E20 has a chain drive, which makes it easy to overcome bumps. A lamellar active brush is housed in the front area..

The Dolphin E20 is characterized by its superior cleaning performance and filtration. The upward-directed water discharge ensures that no dirt is whirled up! The dirt sucked up by the cleaner is collected in a separate filter basket. This reusable filter can be easily removed from above in just two steps and should be cleaned after every cleaning cycle. A fine filter is available for the Dolphin E20 at an extra charge..

Due to the practical handle on the cleaner and the compact power supply (transformer), as well as its low weight, handling the Dolphin E20 pool robot is particularly easy and convenient. A trolley / caddy is not necessary..

Video-Präsentation des Dolphin E20

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Technical specifications:
max. Beckenlänge (m) 10,0
Poolform alle *
Reinigung Boden ja
Befahren der Wand ja
Reinigung Wasserlinie ja
Filter Filterkorb
Filterschärfe standard
Filterzugang von oben
Saugrate (m³/h) 15,0
Aktive Bürsten ja
Zykluszeit (Stunden) 2,0
Schutzklasse (IP) 54
Kabellänge (m) 15,0
Swivel Drehgelenk nein
manuelle Steuerung nein
Programmierbar nein
Funkfernbedienung nein
Steuerung per Smartphone nein
Schwimmbügel verstellbar nein
Anzahl der Antriebsmotoren 1
einfacher Bürstenwechsel ja
Herstellergarantie (Monate)

Brush type:Brush type: PVC lamellar brush - Recommended for normal and smooth surfaces such as: PVC foil, concrete, tiles, stainless steel, GRP (fiberglass), PP (polypropylene)

Scope of delivery:

  • Dolphin E20 with PVC lamellar brush
  • Filter basket (standard filter sharpness)
  • Power supply unit

The cleaner is delivered completely ready for use. - Please ask us for worldwide shipping !

important instructions:
  • Minimum pool depth: 50 cm
  • The device is not suitable for removing algae deposits and stubborn dirt.
  • Not suitable for swimming ponds or natural pools.
  • It cannot be guaranteed that all areas of the pool floor will be 100% driven on or cleaned.
  • If necessary, it may have to be cleaned manually, especially with stubborn dirt.
  • The filter capacity of the device is limited; the cleaning cycle may have to be interrupted, the filter cleaned and the cleaning cycle restarted.
  • The filter must be cleaned manually after each cleaning cycle.
  • Driving on the pool walls is not possible if there is biofilm or algae growth.
  • The pool walls must be at right angles to the pool floor, otherwise the water line cannot be cleaned.
  • Stairs, standing steps and other edges on the pool walls can restrict pool cleaning.
  • Waterline cleaning is not possible on outwardly sloping walls.
  • * This cleaner is not suitable for pools with internal islands, bridges or columns.

    Category: filter cage system
    active brush: yes
    pool liner: FliesenEdelstahlPE KunststoffGlasfaser KunststoffBetonFolie
    driving up the wall: ja
    place for use: Schwimmbecken
    filter system: filter basket
    cleaning ground: ja
    cleaning waterline: ja
    power supply: kabelgebunden
    max. pool length: bis 8 mbis 10 m
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